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Preventative Health Initiative Program

US Employers can receive a $500 - $600 annual FICA Tax credit for every PARTICIPATING W-2 employee

Employees receive an average $1,500 annually in benefits, which includes Family Preventative Care, Counseling, Travel Savings Discounts, and much more!

Why Implement This Program

As an Employer You Can Provide Your Employees Added Benefits At ZERO Cost to You or Your Employees!

  • Supplemental Life Insurance Policy with Cash Accumulation and Living Benefits of $150,000 to protect the family members of employees.

  • 24/7/365 Tele Health Access. SAVE A TRIP! Virtually meet with a Medical Professional from the comfort of your home.

  • Counseling is provided for issues related to relationships, families, depression, grief, financial issues, and legal matters.

  • Annual Health Assessment Test and Score

  • Discount Prescription Drug Benefits

  • Health Coaching Program

  • Comprehensive Custom Diet Plan

  • Diabetes Management

  • Travel DISCOUNT Program

  • Veterinary Care Benefits for the “furry” family members


How much are you loosing each payday you don't enroll your company in this program?

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